John MacIntyre

John has been immersed in tattooing for most of his adult life. He grew up seeing tattoos on his uncle and cousins and then was surrounded by them while playing in hardcore bands in the Detroit punk scene in the early ‘90s. As he collected tattoos and later began doing them himself in 1998, he started to realize the deep history and magic of tattooing. These are the symbols and stories of human myth. They are our dreams, hopes, and sometimes fears. They protect and guide us. They can commemorate our experiences and memorialize those we have lost, giving us grounding in a sometimes chaotic world. Large or small, every tattoo deserves the respect and time of a dedicated artist to craft it.

“I have been very fortunate to work with and learn from many great tattooers over my 20 years of tattooing. I would not be the artist I am today without my start at Eternal Tattoos and the shops I have worked at after. Love and respect to everyone from Incognito Tattoo, True Tattoo, High Voltage Tattoo, Shogun Tattoo, and California Gold Tattoo. It’s been a hell of a ride and I look forward to the years to come.” –John MacIntyre